Totem - Groove Laden Double Album 2015

AUD30.00 each


Totem - Self Released double album 2015


Totem has two distinct parts to it. The first fourteen tracks tread a heavy-blues road and it’s blistering stuff with funk and attitude aplenty. SoapBoxBitchinBlues slows things down a little five tracks in with a more laidback groove to it but then your back to the scorching guitar riffs for the remainder of this section of the record. There’s funk, boogie and that good down-home honest blues-rock that just refuses to go away and that can only be a good thing.

The second disc hold 3 tracks and are a little different and take a different course. Gone is the harder edged feel, replaced instead by a more blues-jazz tinged outing. The guitar work is still exemplary, but rather than five minute outbursts of energy, we are treated to a more meandering and technical workout. Yes it’s still very clever blues but it’s different.

Totem isn’t some navel gazing exercise in one-upmanship and virtuosity  – it’s vital, fun, clever and rocking!

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