1978 sharing the stage with Carlos Santana
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With Jon Carson & Chris Gilbert
Fight On!
Mal Eastick - KB - Phil Manning
Vibrating Studio, A home away from home
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Welcome to The Kevin Borich Express

The Kevin Borich Express delivers his music through his firebrand guitar, in a powerhouse trio recently performing two shows at Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2017 along with a list of east coast shows with the Express currently featuring Jon Carson on drums and Chris Gilbert on bass guitar.


Kevin Borich recorded his first single with Astor Records at age 12 and his music career has now spanned 56 years Borich is a quintessential stalwart in the Australian and New Zealand music scene.


Penning hits such as 'Gonna See My Baby Tonight' and 'No Turning Back' Kevin Borich is a founding member of New Zealand's hit band the La De Da's, The Kevin Borich Express & Australia's legendary The Party Boys. He has recorded on and released over 20 albums with major labels & independently under his own publishing & has performed countless thousands of live shows during his career. Borich continually writes, records and releases new music keeping his live performance firebrand with rock music historian, Ian McFarlane describing Borich as "One of the most celebrated guitar players in the history of Australian rock." 


Having toured, performed with or supported names like Santana, AC/DC, Taj Mahal, Living Colour, Joe Walsh & Elton John, 'KB', as as he is known to friends & fans, holds his own to this day and still delivers high impact live performance with the same intensity as he did with Carlos Santana in the 70’s. And he loves the meet and greet after the shows.

The La De Das

Kevin Borich formed The Mergers in late 1963 with fellow students, Brett Nielsen on drums and Trevor Wilson on bass later joined by Phil Key eventually renamed to The La De Das in 1964 in Auckland, New Zealand. Read more

The Party Boys

The Party Boys

Kevin Borich was a founding member of The Party Boys in 1982 and featured on every line-up of the supergroup and on every album including the Australian charts #1 He's Gonna Step On You Again until 1992. Read more

Celebrating 50 Years of Express

In 2017 Kevin Borich Express celebrates the 50th Anniversary of their debut album 'Celebration', released in 1977. The album was favoured by critics and peaked in the top 30 on the Australian albums charts.

Borich X Borich

Borich X Borich

Kevin teamed up with son Lucius Borich on drums and Harry Brus on bass to record a live concert at The Basement in Circular Quay in 2012 then release the CD and DVD followed by a Borich X Borich tour

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The La De Da's

Rock And Roll Sandwich - Remastered

By mid 1973, Michael Chugg was back on board as manager, Kevin was impatient to record a new album, but EMI were less than enthusiastic. To pressure them, Borich instructed Chugg to get the band out of their contract. The ploy worked, and EMI reluctantly agreed to a new record in September. But the first sessions at EMI's studios were deemed unsatisfactory by the band and all but two tracks were scrapped. (The two tracks, "She Tell Me What To Do" and "No Law Against Having Fun" later surfaced on the compilation album Legend.)

Kevin couldn't get a guitar sound that was anywhere near his live sound, so Rod Coe solved the problem by installing a portable 8-track recording rig and JBL monitors in the Green Elephant and recording them there. Kevin swapped his familiar Gibson for a Fender Stratocaster, the whole album went down like a sinker off a pier, in just two days." Back at EMI, they overdubbed Kevin's piano parts, added some tasty backing vocals by Renee Geyer and Bobby Marchini and horns by Don Reid. - The result was the brilliant Rock'n'Roll Sandwich

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