Kevin Borich - Legacy 2022 - Triple CD Set

AUD40.00 each


Hi there

While I continuously work on new material in my studio each week, recently I’ve taken some time to reflect on where I have been.

This year (2022) I celebrate my 75th trip around the sun and my 60th year in the music business. It’s a very big year for me as I have been recording a duets album with an array of amazing artists I have worked with over my years in the biz, the album is due to be released in 2023. In this time I have also been putting the finishing touches to my autobiography, a huge task yet it has been awesome to relive those days. 

All this reflecting got me thinking, I should create a collection (and celebration) of my studio recordings and live versions. Vol. 1 - ‘Hot’ are a bunch of rockers; Vol. 2 - ‘Chill’ is a bit more chill for those mellower moments and Vol. 3 - ‘Live’ are some of my favourite recorded live performances.

Over the years, chatting to people after the show at my merch stand I’ve been asked many times, “What are your favourite songs?”, they are, recorded in different years, different spaces, different countries from 1973 through to 1981, then remastered in 2022. I had so much fun during the remastering sessions with Nick O’Donnell (my Producer). We worked on bringing fresh fidelity and life for a new appreciation of these chosen tracks. I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as Nick and I have during the process.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it’s folks like you who keep me on stage doing 

what I love.



VOL. 1 // HOT
01 Gonna See My Baby Tonight
02 Goin’ Somewhere
03 Goin’ Down Town
04 Full Moon
05 Snowball King
06 Need Your Love
07 Six Million Dollar Role
08 Good To See You
09 Acropolis
10 Goin’ Fishin’
11 No Turning Back
12 New City Lights
13 I Can’t Wait
14 Caught In The Middle
15 Rock ‘n’ Roll
16 Don’t Let Go
17 Shy Boys Shy Girls
01 Rainbows
02 White Ship
03 Lonely One
04 Cannot Do Right
05 Mon Ami
06 My Mama Is A Jazzer
07 Tell Me Why
08 Backs To The Wall
09 She Don’t Care
10 Working On A New Day
11 Grounded
12 One More Dream
13 Waiting For You
14 Tango Queen
15 By The Light

16 Flight 506
17 Love My Love 
(Will Carry On)
VOL. 3 // LIVE
01 The Place
[The Basement 2009] 
02 Snowball King
[The Basement 2009]
03 Heartstarter
[The Basement 2009]
04 Bell Hop Blues 
[The Kahuna 1996]
05 Angels Hand 
[The Basement 2009]
06 Celebration
[The Basement 2009]
07 Headbangin’ Boogie 
[KB’s Bondi Back Yard 1995]
08 Rescue Dream 
[The Kahuna 1996]
09 Morning Good Morning 
[The Kahuna 1996]
10 They Got My Number 
[Continental Cafe 1998]
11 KB’s Boogie
[The Kahuna 1996]
12 Goin’ Down Town/Goin‘ Somewhere
[The Basement 2009]

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